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Monet’s Garden, Giverny Pt. 2

Green + Vert = Giverny Pt. 1


Not too far from home [quality busted, sry guys]

And when all the stress and hubbub becomes more than you want on a given day, this rests just next door



sun grapes


In the dreams of dan-der-lines

when the lights go off

  i’ve found that when you turn your own lights off, you incidentally let the ones from the rest of the world in, and when they all come together, the results can be astounding also sometimes it’s dark so you trip over your camera

No But Really, Re: Art

I was happily taken to the Asian Art Museum in SF for my birthday, the galleries of which are designed in a sort of “walk through the ages/countries” order of exhibits. There were countless examples of creations in stone, metal, jade, ink, wood, paint, enlivening textiles, furniture, sculptures, architecture, portraits, hundred foot documentation scrolls, jewelry, read more »

The Decline of Art

: (

Beginner Compilers: A Guide to Dealing With Skeptical Looks

Alright, folks. I know I’m new to this [the world of software development], and I know that Hackbright final projects are to be done in ~4-5 weeks. But you all need to stop looking at me like I’m insane when I answer “writing a compiler for a simple language I wrote” to the question “What are you read more »