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Beginner Compilers: A Guide to Dealing With Skeptical Looks

Alright, folks. I know I’m new to this [the world of software development], and I know that Hackbright final projects are to be done in ~4-5 weeks. But you all need to stop looking at me like I’m insane when I answer “writing a compiler for a simple language I wrote” to the question “What are you read more »

You Can’t Work Hard if You’re Dead

***ATTN: All workaholics, project-enthusiasts, caffeine zombies, easily excitable spazzes, or a mixture of the lot [INCLUDING ME]*** I just learned a simple yet incredibly difficult life lesson. I’m sharing this expectiong only 27% of the effects to be that some people realize they’re in the same leaky boat and go, “OH SHIT, I NEED TO read more »