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The Pros and Cons of Pessimism

My belief from a very early age has been that though truth hurts, being forced to face truth you’d been ignoring hurts far more. The other day when a friend casually asked what I was doing, I shared my intention to see Celeste and Jesse Forever. He researched it and immediately responded, “I would bawl my read more »

The Most Romantic I Could Get

I hold each breath, hording them to protect from a more perilous future: all the words we’ll regret but say anyways all the unhealthy crap I’ll eat to attack my unsurprising need for comfort all the quickened heartbeats that will be wasted over intimacy that merely ends all the options that will be wrenched away read more »

Nothin’ Like a Little Shakespearean Sonnet To Pass the Time

Decided that it’d be interesting to write a modern love poem in Shakespeare’s beloved form.
Dunno how I feel about it. But I do quite enjoy rhyming.


Here I sit. I’m always at this tree. And you always pass. Every day. And I always see you. You’re…wait…capital letters seem so harsh. and periods make my words seem so final additionally I should possibly refrain from using words like “always” okay so i am repeatedly at this tree and you repeatedly pass it read more »