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Rainy Quiet

Tokyo Tawaa & That Stuff I Used to Do

I think I’ve forgotten all of Japanese. I have a tendency to switch my focus (in terms of what I’m working on outside of career stuff), and as I sift through these year-old pictures that I never uploaded to any sharing site, I can feel that puu u u u u   u     read more »


We Didn’t Want You Anyway, Tree

Still as Stone, But Still a Gent

Santa Cruz

Just something found on the way to the chiropractor. It’s so bright and interesting. I dunno. I like this one. And it’s not even like, “Oh, check this out. Something dirty can be beautiful. WOAAAHH.” It’s just…it is what it is. And it makes me happy.


Well. Santa Cruz truly is wonderful. Too bad my harddrive was stolen and all my previous pictures of said wonderful city (and all the other pictures I’ve ever taken) were disappeared. Alas, I have started anew. And this is what I’ve come up with.