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Mean Is But An Average

I tried reading some patience-friendly bilingual poetry today all I found were drops of ink, wrecked and resting on platter paper silent crickets smooshed into the page their legs spelling out death by misuse and heat-exhaustionthe human brain is made to expect nothing more than one word per concept one word per hope, we’ve tried read more »

A Bit About Coexist

So, this poem I wrote, Coexist, is more of a grammatical experiment than anything. No, it is not really written about one person in particular. I don’t entirely know where this came from, or why it’s so…gracefully pathetic is how I like to explain it. Haha. But I still think it is strong in what read more »


Here I sit. I’m always at this tree. And you always pass. Every day. And I always see you. You’re…wait…capital letters seem so harsh. and periods make my words seem so final additionally I should possibly refrain from using words like “always” okay so i am repeatedly at this tree and you repeatedly pass it read more »