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“For Customers [Freeloading Youth] Only”

I was working on some stuff (Facebook) in Sugarlump, the cafe at 24th and Florida, when I noticed in front of me, a man stopped at the door to the bathroom. A collected albeit mildly nervous young lady with neat hair stood blockading his way. She had a determined and somber look on her face read more »


Short version of the backstory: I was told to leave my house on the 28th of July. By July 31st. I was not legally protected for [longer story] loophole] reasons. This is the second 3-day surprise move I’ve had to pull together in the last 5 months. It’s my 4th move this fiscal year.┬áThus far, read more »

No, I Don’t Have Any Change, But Could I Get One ‘O Those Free Hugs?

The bitter and jagged but altogether genuine geniality that litters the street races underfoot, rushing beneath the cement, forcing the sidewalks to be uneven. Few can avoid the shame that rewards the passerby who fail to wear their blinders. This just adds to the already armoire-high list of obstacles that trip a pedestrian on a read more »