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Beginner Compilers: A Guide to Dealing With Skeptical Looks

Alright, folks. I know I’m new to this [the world of software development], and I know that Hackbright final projects are to be done in ~4-5 weeks. But you all need to stop looking at me like I’m insane when I answer “writing a compiler for a simple language I wrote” to the question “What are you read more »

Boston Marathon Explosions: On Information via Social Media

Though I’ve felt sick, teared up and been terrified at the accounts of today’s tragedy in Boston, I don’t feel I could do the subject justice, nor do I think I’m close enough to the issue to pay the proper respects. Honestly, everyone has already said everything that boils inside me, the anger, the respect read more »

You Can’t Work Hard if You’re Dead

***ATTN: All workaholics, project-enthusiasts, caffeine zombies, easily excitable spazzes, or a mixture of the lot [INCLUDING ME]*** I just learned a simple yet incredibly difficult life lesson. I’m sharing this expectiong only 27% of the effects to be that some people realize they’re in the same leaky boat and go, “OH SHIT, I NEED TO read more »

5+ Senses?

I may be a little late to this party, but the idea of surgically implanting a magnet into my body has thrown my mind for a tail spin. Reading of the silicone enamel falling apart and eroding the inside of the author’s finger was enough, but  this general this “sixth sense” business intrigues me still. Electrical read more »